As always, we love to feature both the progress shots but also the words and stories that lay behind this visibly impressive transformations.

James Arnold, is one of tens of thousands of Gents who has transformed both physically and mentally thanks to the LDNM Cutting Guide. The numbers themselves make for impressive reading.



Weight before the Cutting Guide – 126kg

Weight after the Cutting Guide – 88kg

Waist before the Cutting Guide – 42″

Waist after the Cutting Guide – 34″


How Did LDNM Positively and Mentally Benefit You?

“The Cutting Guide has had a profound positive mental effect on me. It changed the way I thought and taught me that you don’t have to starve and cut out the foods you like to lose weight. The dietary approach in the guide, doesn’t ban or restrict any food or drink; meaning you can actually stick to, and enjoy it.  What’s more if you contact anyone of the team they answer you straight away, which makes the support unrivalled!” 

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“I would recommend the Cutting Guide to anyone, because it’s from real and natural athletes that care about their clients , they are always working to help and improve you! It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket . When you purchase a LDNM program you join a family and results come with hard work and the support of the fastest growing fitness company around. 

I owe it all to LDNM . 

Thank you again , you really did change it all for me ! I went on holiday and took my top off , I have a nice GF and I learnt super sets ! :)”