Each and every transformation tells its own story, and we absolutely love hearing and seeing your progress. However when we received this from Jack, all the way from Australia, we just had to share it with you.

We are blown away by his results, he has shred an incredible 24kg with the Cutting Guide and is proof that no matter what your starting point, you can do it too!


How old are you?


Where do you live?

Queensland Australia

What is your occupation? 

Corporate project manager / Uni Student

What was your typical diet like before and what is it like now? (Breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks).

As a first year Uni student, working long hours and not getting home until late, my diet was all over the place. I gained a lot of weight over the course of a year and was eating “easy food”. Packaged food, premade food and fast foods in large amounts. The brilliant thing that I changed was what I was eating and how much of it I was eating. The Cutting Guide enabled me to eat fantastic food that was easy, simple and affordable, and also still enjoy the foods some people see as bad, but in the right quanitites. The food was able to fill me up a lot easier so I didn’t eat as much. I found my stomach shrunk very quickly and what started out as a diet, soon became a healthy lifestyle. Many say, “it’s hard to keep the weight off” but the fact is that the LDNM lifestyle is a better standard of living just because it still lets you enjoy life, unlike other weight loss programs which take it away. I am still able to go out and have fun with friends and family and eat fantastic food, but LDNM teaches you to know where you must work and reduce your intake in other areas. As for the training within the guide, it was so varied, fun and never got boring, I love it!.

Was there a particular moment when you look back that you decided you wanted to change your lifestyle? Were you bullied? Was something said by someone? Was there a particularly embarrassing situation? (If you can go into as much detail as possible here that would be great).

As bad as it sounds, my weight loss started with my girlfriend leaving me. I was working too hard and not enjoying life and this caused me to gain a lot of weight. I have had many years of being a “Big” person and decided that this was the time to start over and create a better person. I looked up to people like JE and TGE who are high up in the business world but still maintained a high level of fitness. I never thought it was possible as I found it hard to manage my intense career with fitting in a workout but the boys at LDNM and their Cutting Guide showed me it could be done.

Who helped motivate you to lose weight/transform yourself?

The entire team at LDNM is fantastic but TGE is an inspiration to me in all aspects of life. His story and his day to day life was the motivation to show me what I could have if I put in the hard work. TGE shows exceptional work/life balance and this carries through in the LDNM workout guides. They simply cannot be compared to other plans as this is a lifestyle, not a diet.

Why LDNM, how did you hear about them?

Again, TGE was how I found LDNM. Through our mutual love of cars, I found TGE’s YouTube channel and obviously LDNM had a big presence in it. In particular, his burnouts, biceps and burgers series.

How long have you been following the LDNM guides for/using their products?

I started on the Cutting Guide in early February 2017 and have loved every minute of it. I am able to fit the workouts into my busy day and the use the guide to help me monitor my weight. The information that the guide gives you is simple fantastic as it lets you understand your body and now I am at a stage where I know the guide so well that it has become a part of my life.

Heaviest weight before transformation and leanest weight now?

Heaviest – 118kg             Leanest – 94kg                        Lost -24kg


Waist and a clothes measurements before/after

Can’t give exact figure but I was on the last ring on my belt and now I had to put two new holes at the bottom because it doesn’t fit me.


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