Name: Alice Liveing

Height: 5 ft.1”

Weight: 48kg


When and where did you start working out?

I’d always been active and a gym goer since going to university at the age of 19, however, I was wholly unproductive with my sessions and found myself aimlessly slogging away on a cross trainer for thirty minutes and then leaving, usually feeling quite deflated. After a tough second year of university, where I found myself seriously lacking in confidence, I was introduced to the idea of lifting weights and not overdoing it on cardio, I soon came across LDNMuscle, and found it a completely refreshing and enjoyable way of working out. Within a fairly short period of time I began to feel stronger, leaner and gained confidence both in and out of the gym, which motivated me to continue!


What motivates you to work out?

Firstly seeing, how far I have come, and wanting to take things even further:


I always find short term goals motivate me a lot, for example going out for a friend’s birthday where I know I’d like to look great, which will motivate me to work that little bit harder in the gym leading up to it. I also find that I have goals within the gym that motivate me, like gaining strength or experimenting with various exercises and machines.





How often do you currently work out?

I work out between four and six times a week, following the Bikini Guide, depending on my schedule, and so have between one and two rest days. I now do roughly three to four cardio sessions a week, which usually consist of either a power walk, or the stepper machine.


What is your current job?

I am currently set to appear in the UK Tour of Annie the Musical! As mentioned previously I trained for three years at Bird College of Dance and Theatre Performance so this has always been a passion of mine, and I am so thrilled to be able to pursue both my love for performing and fitness at this time with LDNMuscle, and have some very exciting projects we are currently working on…


Favourite workout?

I’d have to say legs is my favourite body part to train. It’s a real love/hate relationship however. I dread it beforehand, but love it as soon as I’ve actually got into the session.


Hobbies and Interests?


Aside from my love for all things theatre, I am a passionate food blogger, documenting my work on Instagram @Clean_Eating_Alice, and finally I also have two beautiful dogs whom I adore called Alfie and Freddie.