IMG_5655Tom Exton

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 79kg


Chest: 43″

Arms: 16.5″

Waist: 30″



When and why did you start working out?

As a young lad & teenager, I used to do pretty much every sport under the sun, with my twin; Swimming, X Country, Tennis, Football, Triathlon – you name it. Began ‘training’ though in the Summer between 1st & 2nd year of University, at which point I had jacked in my sporting exploits. I say ‘training’ in inverted commas, because it was nothing more than cluelessly snatching at heavy things sporadically, whenever I had a few minutes spare. This went on for about a year, until I actually started looking into what I was doing, why, when, & importantly what I was eating. I’ve been ‘properly’ training now for about 5 years, & still learning every day.

My time at university was spent studying for a law degree & a further (tedious) year completing the LPC at law school – there still was plenty of time to train though, never had so much free time in my life.

Main driving force right at the very start was a mixture of curiosity, a touch of boredom & a desire to fill my tshirt out a tad. Gradually though developed into a routine & way of life; now I couldn’t see myself ever going back to not training in one form or other.

What motivates you to work out?

May seem shallow, but if being honest, a large part is that I want to look as good as I can. I’m sure many will echo this sentiment, possibly, just not out loud… Health & fitness obviously comes a very close second though that said, and that’s not to say aesthetics are ever sought at their expense.  I believe there’s no point looking great if underneath you’re a mess & unable to run for a bus.

Unlike many though, my ambition has never been to be enormous. I want to be aesthetic, look healthy, & importantly be healthy too. Not be an immobile pea-headed baboon. Besides, that look doesn’t work too well in a suit.

Worst thing about working out?

Finding the time is my main issue, working full time for a bank in the city, with a painfully long commute & running a couple of businesses – it’s tough sometimes to squeeze that session in. Even if I can find a brief vacancy, I really sometimes have to dig deep and ask if I can be bothered. Ultimately though, I do find time, because there is always time if you make it. I’ll just sacrifice an hour or two of dubious television every night. Something I can live with.

How often do you currently work out (including cardio)?

I’ll work out 5-6 times a week. Some of these sessions will be a lunchtime 25-35 minute job in the city, often accompanied by the ever irritating & shredded Richie Brew. I find it more than enough time for the smaller muscle groups if you keep it intense. This said – legs are Saturday’s, and chest is a Sunday – of course.

What is your diet like?

By no means perfect, I follow the Cutting Guide V3 macros (as well as the training of course) as best as any human can, whilst working a full-time job. As caught short on time fairly regularly, I can often fail to prepare meals (terrible, I know). When this happens I will make do with what I can find in mini supermarkets nearby. Not ideal at all, but I feel compromise can be found occasionally without ruining your life. I will make sure I’ve always got healthy snacks in my desk for emergencies too. Extremely practical, sure, but tearfully dull.

It must be said though, if I’m preparing for a shoot, or even the run up to a (predominantly shirtless) holiday – I definitely tighten up on the diet, & no last minute supermarket sweeps are permitted.

Which Supplements Do You Use?

Really try to avoid over-complicating things. I use a basic whey as a convenience tool alongside creatine, and the usual health and well-being supplements.

Favourite work out?

A good old bicep pump from one of the LDNM Arm Destruction sets, before going out in a tshirt – never fails to amuse/offend.

Best body part?


Worst body part?

Until I ‘complete the gym’ – I view it all as a weakness. Everything gets smashed like I hate it. Sort of.

Hobbies and interests?

Don’t really have time to do much else sadly. However those that follow me on various social media platforms, may have noticed my penchant for stupid cars & shiny watches. I should probably take an interest in something cheaper, but being simple can’t be helped. I also enjoy a holiday.

Other notable points? .

If you did’t already know I am a twin, with JE. That’s about it to be honest – more than welcome though to follow my (largely dreary) antics on Twitter & Instagram – @TGE_LDNM. Any questions, drop me a Tweet. Always happy to help.