1Lloyd Bridger
Age: 25
Height: 185cm
Weight: bulking 88-92kg, cut 82-85kg
Chest: 45.5″
Arms: 17″
Waist: 32″
Legs: 26″

When and why did you start working out?

I took up rowing (crew) in my first year of university after almost 10 years of triathlon and cycling, so needless to say I resembled a rake. Towards the end of my first year, my friend and fellow crew member (big shout-out to Pablo) dragged me into the weights room to work on my beach muscles and I caught the lifting bug. But at this stage, I had no idea of proper nutrition and training periodisation – twinned with studies, 12 rowing training sessions a week, drinking and general lack of sleep I didn’t make the best gains. It wasn’t until I graduated from university, hung up my Lycra and started to pay attention to all the points I had been ignoring that I saw the most noticeable changes.

What is your current job?

Last year I turned down the offer of a place in the Royal Marines YO 2014 batch– as it was a choice between the RMs and LDNM. I’m now working part-time for LDNM and hoping that it can get big enough so that I can work full-time! The rest of my time is spent working on a few other side projects.

What motivates you to work out?

Staying focused on my short term and long term goals, feeling my strength and performance in other sports increase and trying to attain the physique I want.

Worst thing about working out?

The worst thing is the fake natties. I’ve no problem with people who use steroids and PEDs- it’s like smoking, you choose to accept the health risks that come with it- just don’t lie about it and use it to enrich yourself.

Having been working out for close to 10 years and training people who are genuinely natty- I think I’ve only ever met one or two guys who could be over 90kg lean, without steroids.

How often do you currently work out (including cardio)?

I currently work to a 4 day split; back/legs, chest/shoulders, legs/back, shoulders/chest, adding arms/abs/traps to the end of each session. The frequency you train a muscle group (with sufficient volume) is the key to growth.

I play football twice a week and climb or head out on my bike when I have time- I will add specific HIIT sessions to my training when I start cutting.

Progress 1-01

What progress have you made over the last 8 years?

The first photo (2007) was me in full triathlon mode, having never done anything but a few biceps curls and press-ups. I probably weighted about 62-63 kg.

In 2010 I had just graduated university, I weighed 72kg at Henley Royal Regatta a month earlier.

In 2012 I weighed around 76-77kg in this photo – I was on a 2 week road cycling ‘holiday’ at the time. I look like I was around 9-10% BF.

Last summer I weighed in at around 80kg (around 10% BF), and this winter I maxed out at 91kg probably a bit closer to 16% BF than I should have been.

What is your diet like?

Nowadays I try to eat 4-5 meals a day, 3.5-4.5 hours apart. I’m naturally ectomorphic so eating enough to gain weight has always been my problem- this is why instant oats are so useful, a low volume, high carb food that easily lets me add kcal to my diet.

My macros topped out at 250g P, 110g F, 450g C for an average training day this year. I track my macros regularly on My Fitness Pal (my username is LB_LDNM) and have been doing so for about 3 years now so have become pretty adept at IIFYM- probably too much- as my diet could definitely do with more vegetables!

Favourite supplement?

Powdered oats.

Favourite work out?

Shoulders or arms.

Best body part?

Obliques, traps, glutes (worst combination).

Worst body part?

Calfs, lats, shoulders, my ‘noodle’ arms… Still have a lot of body parts that need work.


Hobbies and interests?

Football, skiing, climbing, mountain biking and road cycling – all the good stuff where you’re likely to injure yourself. I still do the occasional triathlon too. Besides sports, I enjoy travelling, music and a good IPA.

Other notable points?

Pervious notable goals: Bench press 100kg, reach 80kg, improve my lats, have 16 inch arms, reach 200lbs, deadlift 200kg, bench 100kg for 5 reps

Current short term goals: improve my power to weight ratio, improve my flexibility, maintain my strength during my cut

Current long term goals: avoid any injuries and maintain a high level of CV fitness, reach 83-85kg at 8-9% body fat, lead a (outdoors) 7a clean

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