LDNMuscleName: James Exton
Height: 5’11”
Weight– Current weight 82kg.

Goals/Aims: I aim to stay lean all year round, dropping to circa 78/79kg for shoots.


42” Chest

16” Arms

29” Waist

When and where did you start working out?

At the age of 21, I was studying law at University in Nottingham and was in the final part of my second year. It was a great way to break up otherwise stressful days. It provided me with a continued hobby which was flexible enough to fit around a rather demanding and time consuming degree.

Unlike many other sports which had rigorous training sessions and required a rigid level of commitment, weight training had the ability to be malleable. Sessions could be moved around lectures, being early in the morning or late at night.

The gyms in Nottingham were optimal. Big, old school warehouse gyms. No gimmicks, no thrills- perfect.

What motivates you to workout?

Varying motives. First and foremost being a proud co-founder of the natural movement is LDNMuscle, is always a compelling motive to stay in shape. I would by lying if I didn’t say that the the sense of achievement and confidence that comes with improving your aesthetics was a strong driving force too. Training provides a method of escape at times when life is stressful, a great social side too…

Which guide are you currently running?

Having a finished the Cutting Guide, I am now running the gruelling Bulking Bible, it’s demanding to say the least, but loving the results so far…


What is your current job?

Having qualified as a Barrister, I specialise in criminal work. Work isn’t consistent and it’s a case of taking what I get. I spend the rest of my time working in the leisure industry and being a co-director of LDNM.

How often do you currently workout?

6-7 Days a week (weights). Cardio normally 5 days a week – choosing to cycle for my commute. Perhaps seen as ‘overtraining’ by some, it works for me. I am not pre-occupied with being massive or looking like a hulk. My emphasis is firmly on being healthy and aesthetic. My cardio predominantly comes from Cycling commute – which so happens to be one of my main hobbies. It’s a win- win situation!

Favourite Supplement?

I endeavour not to get bogged down in the minefiled that is the supplement market. Using whey protein as a convenience tool, alongside creatine, a multi vit and fish oils. In terms of pre-workout, I keep it clean normally opting for a strong espresso with coconut oil, but resorting to a pre-workout drink in times of need.

Favourite Workout?

There is simply no other answer- CHEST SUNDAY

Best Body Part?

Upper chest, and calves.

Worst Body Part?

Undeniably legs- like most people. In fairness they don’t get much attention in the gym. Cycling 150miles+ a week I struggle to find the strength or motivation to punish them in the gym! That being said, cycling has noticeably helped my calves.

Hobbies and interests?

Not much time left after doing three different jobs and training. Got an addiction to fast cars, and motorbikes and the sun…

Other notable points?


I am a twin with TGE and for the most-part have a ridiculous haircut…