Another amazing transformation to feast your eyes on and be inspired by! Check out the transformation photos and testimonial below from Andrew Milne;



“On the left I had no diet, no gym routine and I had a bad relationship with food. I managed to lose weight, but in a healthy way, I was doing lots of cardio and starving myself. 

“However with the help of LDNM and their Cutting Guide, I have managed to not only increase my muscle mass I now weigh 87kg as opposed to 81kg, but also shred fat.

I am happy in myself, and feel content! I eat well, I track my food but I don’t cut out the foods I enjoy or need to unnecessary restrict myself. I don’t have to miss meals like I used to, or even have days where I don’t eat at all…

The guides are amazing, and have transformed my shape and mentality around food and training. I would recommend the LDNM Guides to anyone, even my wife is looking into doing the PT Course with you too.

I really cant thank you all enough. Massive respect for what you all do.

Thanks Andrew”.

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Male Fat Loss Guide – The Cutting Guide

Female Fat Loss Guide – The Bikini Guide

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