The back squat is obviously a key movement for anyone, with lots of variations and the ability to use lots of weight safely. However, sometimes we don’t have the shoulder mobility or the facilities to perform a back squat, or need to progress from a bodyweight squat, so the goblet squat is a certainly a key movement!

This involves weighting the front of the body, which allows us to weight the heels more effectively on the descent and warm up the back (by resisting the forward pull of the weight).


How to Goblet Squat:

  1. Grip a dumbbell evenly (as shown in the photo) or the handles of an upside down kettlebell, and keep it pressed against the chest with the shoulders/neck depressed and shoulders retracted.
  2. Set the feet at shoulder width, stand tall and stare at the floor 2-3 metres in front of you throughout the movement.
  3. Breathe in at the peak before pushing the hips backward and sinking down through the heels until the thighs are parallel with the ground.
  4. Drive evenly through the feet, breathing out as you extend the hips to stand tall.
  5. Breathe in and repeat for the suggested amount of reps.


Key Teaching Points:

  • If you find the knees cave in, brace them outward as you change direction from descending to ascending.
  • Changing to no shoes or a heeled lifting shoe (from trainers) may help you improve your stability, activate the glutes more and increase the weight used on this movement. This should also facilitate achieving a greater squat depth.
  • If hunching is a problem, actively pull the shoulders back as you breathe in before each rep. This will seem like a faff at first, but you will soon find maintaining good posture comes naturally with all squats as a result.


The goblet squat can be used in a warm up, as a single exercise and as part of a superset. It’s ideal to use in both cutting and bulking cycles, as building muscle and cutting fat are both down to lifting heavy consistently, and getting your nutrition and lifestyle nailed.



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