Most gym users tend to stick to the static bicycle when completing HIIT cardio, so this article is designed to get you off the bike and out of your comfort zone. Completing new HIIT sessions can kick-start your cardio regime; assisting in burning that stubborn body fat, killing cardio boredom, working different areas of your body, and testing your CV limits!

Below I will list alternative HIIT sessions for each piece of machinery and facility found in most leisure complexes. I like to mix between very short and slightly longer efforts and subsequent rests to bring slightly different dimensions to each workout- however any length effort is still at top speed.

Protocol: Every interval is at 100% effort!


HIIT Cardio: Rowing Machine

  • 12-15 x 300m (60 seconds rest)

HIIT Cardio: Treadmill

  • 5 x 90s sprint, 1% incline (90s walking rest)
  • 5 x 60s sprint, 1% incline (75s walking rest)
  • 5 x 30s sprint, 1% incline (60s  walking rest)

HIIT Cardio: Cross-trainer

  • 15 x 30s sprint, high gear (30s slow moving rest)

HIIT Cardio: 25m Swimming Pool

  • 5 x 50m sprints (60 second static rest)
  • 10 x 25m sprints (40 seconds rest)

HIIT Cardio: Outdoor Sprints

  • 10 x 70m sprints (slow walk back to start line rest)

HIIT Cardio: Boxing

  • 15 x 30s constant punching bag or partner (60s static rest)



These are workouts I utilise to keep my body guessing. Ensure you keep a log of the speed and times you hit so you have a target to beat next time!

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If you are serious about HIIT training, and have enough spare cash to purchase a heart rate monitor, this article by guest blogger Richie Brew will be of great interest to you:

Print this off and go try these horrid HIIT workouts for yourself, and as always remember to tweet your feedback to @LDN_Muscle and @MB_LDNM.