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We are frequently asked what earphones we use in and outside of the gym. Do they stay in your ears? Are they durable? Is the sound quality good?

These are all perfectly normal questions, and it’s taken us years to find something that ticks all the boxes without costing a small fortune.

Introducing the solution, the X1 Flex Waterproof headphones. Not only does this tick all the boxes above but it also has a massive additional bonus feature, they are waterproof and for 30 mins at a depth of up to 1 meter!

If you are like me and cycle in the pouring rain, or sweat profusely in the gym, these are invaluable and should ensure they don’t break in a few weeks, or worse still only one side breaks!

So far so good, and we will see how they stand the test of time!

For those interested we got ours for £21.99 from SportsGadgets, remember if you enter ‘LDNMUSCLE’  at the checkout you will get an exclusive LDNM discount; total bargain in our opinion!