Our ethos underpins who we are as TeamLDNM. LDNM was created by us four guys with a unified mindset and goal – to educate and help as many people as possible. Determined to ensure that others could, and would, safely transform their lifestyle and bodies in a healthy, sustainable way by following our structured and comprehensive E-Guides. 

From day 1 our stance was clear. 100% Natural, always have been, and always will be. No BS, no dream selling and to remain 100% independent. 2 Years down the line and nothing has changed, it never will. We are who we are and we stand for what we stand for.

However we feel there is an area that needs to be made clear. Our unique GENUNIELY NATURAL stance within the so-called ‘fitness industry’ doesn’t make us ‘haters’.

When we educate people on what is naturally achievable and realistically attainable and in doing so point out the obvious (that many renowned models/ambassadors) aren’t natural, does that make us haters? No of course it doesn’t! The purpose of bringing this to peoples attention is to educate and inform them, and give them the clarity they deserve. By making people realise what is naturally possible, you allow them to realise that they aren’t a ‘failure’, that they need not get de-motivated, dis-heartened or even depressed with how they look. When they realise what is truly achievable for them, and set their standards accordingly, then their attitudes and mindset become more positive. It’s in no ones interests to have an ideal that is physically impossible to achieve, they will always feel they are miles away from their goal, and for many this means giving up. People deserve and have the right to know that they are being sold a false dream, to not waste their money on products and to not beat themselves up about their progress.

Realism seems to have all but vanished from the ‘fitness industry’. Someone needs to bring it back to reality and show what is naturally possible, and that’s where us guys come in.

It would be a mis-conception to think that us guys ‘hate’ enhanced atheletes/non-natty’s. It’s not our place to pass judgment on what they personally choose to do with their lives. BUT where we do get involved is when what they do effects others. It’s like smoking, that’s your choice, but if you do it in front of your children or blow smoke in peoples faces, then it becomes a wider problem. Let’s take the ‘fake natty’s,’ those who sell a dream, create a pretence, and often market a supplement or training plan on the premise that it’s this product that has created their physique, rather than the drugs used. This is precisely what we feel strongly about, again its not us being ‘hater’s’ rather it’s us speaking out against the fraudulent imagery and hopes that are being sold to so many people. In many other industries if you put up a product and an image that clearly wasn’t obtained by use of the product for sale, it would be ‘misrepresentation’ and illegal… The fitness industry seems to have escaped this level of scrutiny so far.

Apart from creating a false aspiration for many, the use of drugs in the industry also creates another problem. Those who try to emulate their ‘idols’, and take the decision that they want to make a decision to no longer be natural. They will no doubt be offered substances from dubious characters in the gym, or seek it online, after-all it’s not a regulated industry. The dangers again here are huge. There is no guarantee or regulation on the substance they are buying, nor do they have any knowledge on how to administer these drugs. Many of the so-called ‘athletes’ will be given advice from someone knowledgeable and proficient in the use of these substances, so there will be an element of guidance and relative safety in the administration of it. But for the guy or lady desperate to get in shape, the risks are profound, especially with their lack of knowledge. This was tragically illustrated by the recent death of Eloisa Parry, which we covered in another article. 

LDNM are all about healthy, safe and sustainable progress, this forms the foundations and focus for all of our guides, it’s what we preach day in, day out. We will continue to spread the message, educate people and hopefully save a few lives in doing so. Don’t be tempted to take a shortcut, cut corners. Put your health first, each and every time.

We aren’t here to safeguard the health of the athletes or ambassadors that have made the decisions they have, that’s their choice and none of our business and we have no place to judge their personal judgement. However it is our place to judge or comment when we see harmful consequences stemming from their money driven and reckless actions and sales pitches. It’s our place to promote health over everything and prevent any more tragedies.

So next time, someone calls you a ‘hater’ for being natural, or for pointing out a naturally unattainable physique/idol, just remember you are anything but, rather you have made an informed decision to prioritise your health.

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