So many exercises place heavy reliance on a strong grip. All too often your grip fails before the muscle you are attempting to isolate.

Many of the major exercises such as deadlifts, bent over row, wide grip chin-ups and shrugs require a faultless grip.

It is for this reason that lifting straps are another one of Team LDNM’s so called ‘essentials’, they enable you to retain that all important grip and make it possible to go heavier without failing on the grip front.

Extremely durable and easy to use, lifting straps really are an item that should feature in any gym goers training bag. Grab yourself a pair now and experience the benefits.

The pair I am currently using are made by a company called RDX. They have the added benefit of both enhanced grip and padding, they are extremely comfortable and are showing no signs of wear after 4 months. I am extremely impressed with them, having used other straps previously and would most certainly recommend them.