A firm, nice perfectly rounded booty, is what every woman longs to be blessed and born with.

However, this is sadly not the case for us normal girls trying to achieve what is clearly a hard earned gift and one that separates the women from the girls in the gym. We all know squats and lunges are the King of Glute exercises to carry out.

However, I wanted to perform something different to not only add some variation to my exercises but also to spice up my workouts by trying something new, as well as broadening my knowledge and routines in the area I’m trying to specifically target. Whether it be diet, training, or for educational reasons, I personally feel that variation is KEY to any growth or stimulation.

So here I give you, the one legged cable kickback.

This is one of my favorite exercises, it’s fun, something different and I really enjoy the motion it gives and I can feel it working on every rep and for days after, which is a positive sign as I know I’ve really hit that area just in the way I wanted to and since doing this exercise I can honestly say I feel firmer and tighter. It might feel a bit odd at first and you might get a few looks in and around the gym as you do it, but remember: No guts No glory girls.

Here’s how:-

1. Attach a leather ankle cuff to yourself
2. Make sure the cable pulley is at its lowest setting
3. Set the weight to whichever you feel is your starting level (don’t go to low and don’t go to high, you want to stay within the 10-12 rep range – any more than that and you’ll need to increase the weight)
4. Attach your ankle cuff to the pulley
5. Hold on to the sides with both hands for support
6. Make sure your hips are square and straight on.
7. Squeeze your glutes and push back with your leg and hold for 1-2 secs
8. Go slowly on the way back feeling the resistance
9. Alternate legs