We always love showcasing the results that you ladies and gents make whilst on our guides, and equally important are the words that go with it…

Meet George Lawrence: Prior to the LDNM Cutting Guide, George had found himself falling victim to the common misconceptions; “Carbs make you fat” and that you need to do copious amounts of cardio to get the body you desire. Luckily we’ve managed to prove George wrong and transform how he looks and feels, without resorting to either.

Take a look at his Cutting Guide Transformation Photos below. Crucially George, now looks even better, and isn’t putting himself through unpleasant and excessive cardio or restricting himself from eating foods he enjoys and socialising with friends and family.


What George Had To Say!

“Thanks for all the help and support alongside your Cutting Guide. You guys and the guide have completely changed my eating habits, body and my life. I now have a healthy social life, I eat out more than I ever have done and have no food issues now. Prior to the guide I used to eat no carbs and force myself to do cardio every day. I now look better than ever before, without all the undue stress and restriction, thanks again guys”. 


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