Welcome to another edition of LDNM # FreeWorkoutFriday

On the menu this week is traps with a side of calves! So let’s get to it:


Warm up:

5-10 minutes cross-trainer

Upper-body dynamic stretching.


Main set: (Perform a reduced weight set prior to each exercise- do not count as a working set).


4 x 6-10 reps of prone, lying dumbbell shrugs to failure:

  • Employ a 1-1-3-0 tempo.
  • Keep arms straight and initiate the movement with your traps; aiming for a full stretch and quality contraction with each rep.
  • 75-90 seconds rest between sets.

3 x ‘The Trap Chain’ standing dumbbell shrugs (6-12-25):

  • Complete two drops in weight, going to failure each time.
  • No rest between drops.
  • 90 seconds rest between sets.

3 x 12-15 reps of prone lying dumbbell Y-raises:

  • Employ a 1-1-2-0 tempo.
  • Select 5kg dumbbells or less for this move- no really do!
  • 60 seconds rest between sets.



5 x 5-6 reps of straight leg calf-extensions (rest-pause) to failure:

  • Employ a X-1-2-0 tempo here (we’re going heavy).
  • After hitting failure, rest for 20 seconds before completing more reps to failure, before resting for a further 30 seconds and squeezing out any more possible reps!
  • 120 seconds rest between rest-pause sets.

10 x 30 second treadmill pushes cardio:

  • 30 seconds rest between sets- belt can be static here.
  • Don’t say it isn’t working your calves till set 10!

Straight leg calf extension centurion (same machine as used for heavy-light sets):

  • Select a weight around 30% of that used for the heavy-light work.
  • Complete 100 consecutive reps, taking a rest of 10-15 seconds if necessary.
  • You do not have to be too strict on tempo here, just ensure full range and control of the weight.


There you have it- a weird and wonderful workout that’s great for a rest day where you can’t sit still, or for a sunny Friday like today!

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