IMG_5668#FreeWorkoutFriday has come round again already- praise the Lord. We have a home workout for you all this week, which can be done indoors or outside.


Warm Up:

Complete dynamic/ballistic stretches and shoulder mobility exercises,

20 x controlled press ups,

20 x controlled sit ups.


Main Set:

  • Hand walk outs from standing position,
  • Into 10 x powerful push ups with slow eccentric,
  • Reverse hand walk back into a standing position,
  • 10 x burpees with a tuck jump.
  • (Complete 5 rounds, 15 seconds rest between rounds).


  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers,
  • 10 x ab-wheel roll-outs at a controlled tempo throughout,
  • 30 seconds straight arm plank.
  • (Complete 5 rounds, 30 seconds rest between rounds).


  • 45 seconds of resistance band (kneeling) overhead tricep extensions,
  • 12-15 x bench dips with slow eccentric,
  • Close grip/diamond press ups with resistance band to failure.
  • (5 rounds, 45 seconds rest between rounds).



Dumbbell shadow boxing Tabata:

  • 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off (8 rounds at 100%).


Supine core-cycling Tabata:

  • 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off (8 rounds at 100%).


Voila, we hope that was an enjoyable home workout to get the blood pumping! For more of the same check out our exercise and training archives, and get ready for our imminent Home-Workout Pack.

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