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#FreeWorkoutFriday has come around again! Here’s a lovely Barbell Workout to release some of that tension built up during this dreary week- lets go!

We suggest using a weight that you could comfortably perform 15-20 repetitions with for each exercise– given that you will fatigue throughout the duration, and we want to ensure your technique remains solid.

If you need to change the weight aim to do so during the rest between circuits.

You may use and Olympic bar or smaller equivalents dependent on your strength.


Barbell Workout

  • 10 repetitions of each exercise; aiming for quality, powerful muscle contractions.
  • 0-10 seconds rest between exercises.
  • 60 seconds between circuits.
  • As many circuits as possible in 10, 15 or 20 minutes (dependent on your fitness and conditioning- do not over exert yourself, always maintain good form!).
  1. Military Press,
  2. Pendlay Rows,
  3. Abdominal Barbell Roll Outs,
  4. Back Squats,
  5. Burpees.


Well done good Sir or Madam! You are no doubt a sweaty, shaking mess right now, so go shower, stretch and get a good meal or shake down you.


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