muscular back

Warm up:

5-10 minutes rowing machine warm up.

Dynamic stretches to warm up upper body and shoulders.

Perform a reduced weight set of each 6-12-25 before moving onto the working sets (don’t cheat and count the warm up as a working set).

Main set: 6-12-25 (protocol explained here if not familiar)

4-5 sets of:

6 x underhand lat pull down

12 x seated reverse dumbbell or resistance band flys

25 x standing or seated dumbbell bent over rows (hammer grip)

(90-120 seconds rest between 6-12-25 sets)

2-3 sets of:

6 x bent over Olympic bar rows (overhand grip, shoulder width apart- no wider)

12 x standing barbell drag curls (can be done with dumbbells if necessary)

25 x burpees (I know it’s not back- but do it!).

(120 seconds rest between 6-12-25 sets)

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