All too often we hear the same foods banded around again and again. More often than not our diet tends to start repeating themselves, often eating the same, or similar foods, time and time again. Not only does this become boring, but our body thrives on variety and different food types, so why not become a little more adventurous and branch out into trying new foods?

A food (or technically speaking a ‘seed’) which is often overlooked is Quinoa. It takes the form of a seed which, when cooked, can be used as an alternative for rice or other wholegrains.

 Quinoa like rice is a complex carbohydrate (Low GI) and provides a strong, slow and sustained release of energy. However unlike many other complex carbohydrates it has relatively high protein content and provides all the essential amino acids needed to aid humans to build protein, making it a great choice for us gym goers.  In addition it contains a good source of non-saturated fats (Omega 3&6 and Vitamin E). The benefits of Quinoa don’t stop there, also packed into the seed is iron, calcium, B vitamins and potassium. And if all this still isn’t enough to make you consider it, Quinoa is cholesterol, gluten and sugar free, and is a rich source of fibre – great for cleansing the intestines and instrumental in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Just to give you an idea of the nutritional breakdown of Quinoa I have included it below. Please note this is per 100g (uncooked) and a typical serving size would be 185-200g.

Calories 368kcal
Protein 14g
Carbohydrates 64g
Fat 7g (0.7 saturated)
Fibre 7g

It’s not surprising Quinoa has earned its status as a ‘super food’. Why not vary your diet and start to include this.

Keep your eyes posted for recipes coming soon to the website, Quinoa will be sure to feature!