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This article has been bubbling up for quite sometime now. The constant rubbish we see dotted about, if it’s not a completely ridiculous claim about a supplement then it’s a freakish body image that is either not naturally attainable or is heavily photoshopped.

We have explored the ideas of realism already, given our opinion on the detox tea trend, and given our objective view on what is naturally achievable.

But it’s the ‘photoshopping’ element that we are looking at here. Just over two years ago we all went to have a ‘ professional shoot’ with one of the industry leading photographers. Why? Well two fold, 1) to have some professional shots done of us guys, but 2) to finally settle a sneaky suspicion that we had, having seen photos of other ‘models’ and then met them in real life…

Don’t get me wrong – there is clearly immense skill and knowledge that goes into producing the final images, BUT it’s the effect that this imagery has on social media and advertising that we see as dangerous.

People look to this imagery, and then judge themselves against it. This all too often leads to people being disheartened, de-motivated and often depressed. If they KNEW that this wasn’t actually a real image, but rather a creation of a computer programme then the mindset change would be severely minimised, or in many cases prevented.

Companies and brands time and time again use this type of delusional and idolised imagery to flog their products, but the negative impact it is having is far reaching and the implications are seemingly ignored in pursuit of maximising profits.

We have and always will continue to use genuine imagery, we meet thousands of you guys and girls in real life, so why would we be anything but ourselves…

We relect this in everything we do, our transformation guides work, they work because they are true to real life, and give real results for real people, with real transformations.

So next time you see an advert or bill-board, and before you get disheartened, just think back to this article.

Join the #LDNMFamily and don’t look back.

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