We absolutely love sharing the life-changing transformations from the #LDNMFamily. When Dan sent us his amazing weight loss journey, we just had to share it with you… Dan has shred a whopping 30kg, and looks incredible! 

How Has LDNM Positively Affected You Both Physically & Mentally?

The Cutting Guide itself has improved my confidence within myself massively, as when I was at my biggest I would always be self conscious about going out, fearing people would always be staring at me (even though they wouldn’t be) and it would make me feel really anxious and depressed about myself. The support I received from LDNM was amazing, always there to support me through the entire process which was great as it felt like you had someone with you the entire time! 

So overall the Cutting Guide improved my physical health and my mental health, just by loosing some weight! I would highly recommend the cutting guide to anyone who wants to lose a few pounds for the summer, or to someone who wants to transform there live completely like I did!
With the Cutting Guide it put a picture in my head as to what I wanted my body to look like within the next few years, and with that I have now achieved this! Everything starts with a thought, and then come the actions to make that thought a reality!
And to add to that, for the first time in July I went to a festival for the weekend and didn’t feel self conscious and was able to take my top off, for probably the first time in public for years, and enjoy the event.
By following the LDNM guide it shows you that you can still enjoy the foods you want, go out when you want and still get results! By enjoying the foods I want in moderation rather than stuffing my face every day I can eat the enjoyable foods, go to the gym and get results. I was always afraid to go to the gym previously as, again, I always thought people would be looking/watching me, but at the end of the day everyone is there for the same reason, to transform their bodies and lives.
Now that I’ve transformed, it makes me feel so good to see that thousands of other people who have also transformed there lives with the help from the guys at LDNM, who are genuinely down to earth guys who offer great, and unrivalled support! This motivates me even more to get to the gym as someone might be looking at me for their motivation to do the same as I did.

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