Isolation is often overlooked by many people. It is often a lack of form that detracts from the peoples ability to effectivley and productively isolate the muscle they are seeking to train.

By performing the reverse fly on a bench, laying face down, you remove the natural temptation to swing/thrust the weight up, and place greater emphasis on the target muscle groups, namely posterior deltoids, rhomboids and middle trapezius muscles.



  • Either take a free bench and select either a 15/30 degree incline (the latter being a more advanced option). Or alternatively remain unsupported with your chest pulled down into your knees (as pictured)
  • Select an appropriate weight (ensuring it is very light on the first set).
  • Lay on the bench the opposite way to how you would when training chest. So that your chest is resting on the back of the bench. Or sit on the end of a bench, with your chest lowered into your knees (as pictured)
  • Place both feet on the floor, take both dumbbells in your hands and place them by your side.
  • With a slight bend in the elbows, inhale and raise both arms up in line with your shoulders;
  • Pause at the top of the repetition squeezing your should blades together
  • Slowly and in a controlled manner return the weights to the starting position.
Repeat 4 sets of approx 6-8 reps with perfect form. Rest period 60 seconds.
Try aiming for a 3 second hold on the eccentric phase and a 1 second concentric phase.




As with all exercises concentrate on your form and DO NOT go too heavy. Shoulders are especially prone to injury, therefore ensure you have warned up thoroughly  before beginning, and complete your first set with a light weight to ensure you are comfortable with the technique.

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