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Check out this amazing fat loss and muscle gain transformation from Sam Spencer. He used the Cutting Guide to drop fat and increase definition, before progressing on to our muscle gain guide (the Bulking Bible) to build both muscle and strength!

Sam lost 2.5 stone of fat from the left to the middle photo using our Cutting Guide.

He also gained muscle size and strength, whilst keeping the fat off, between the middle to right photo, using our Bulking Bible! Sam managed to gain almost 1.5 stone of muscle!


How did LDNM positively affect you?

I’ve tried all diets and did a lot of cardio which lost me a few pounds here and there, but unfortunately I would regain it. In the first pic I even got down to about 1500 calories with no weight shifting. I was then introduced to LDNM, who broke everything down in layman’s terms making it seem much more achievable and enjoyable.

The [Bulking and Cutting] guides and the guys answer all the questions I had when looking at previous plans, which they never seemed to address or answer. LDNM was just what I needed: clear and effective diet and training, with results guaranteed.

Why would you recommend LDNM to others?

I would recommend LDNM to anyone considering their products. Regardless of you being novice or advanced, there is so much invaluable information to take away!


The Cutting Guide is ideal for those pursuing fat loss goals, but not wanting to surrender their lifestyle and become a fitness freak. It details training from home and the gym, details and educates you on nutrition specific to your body and lifestyle, and fully covers everything else you could require alongside our constant support as and when needs be.

The Bulking Bible is designed for lean muscle and strength gains, and can be completed in 12 or 22 weeks. It covers training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle comprehensively, and more information on the guide can be found here.



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