This fast arm workout is ideal for a busy gym setting, requiring just one piece of equipment for both sets.

It also hits the perfect rep range for muscle growth (40-70 reps per muscle group used in the session), and will take around 20 minutes – making it great to do alone, or with cardio, or indeed to tag on to the back of another workout!


Use a weight that makes it a struggle to hit the target rep range, but doesn’t ruin your technique.

Read more about technique vs weight.

Go to failure on the last set of each exercise.

Rest for 30-45 seconds between each exercise in the superset. This is a superset, but slightly different to normal because of the longer rest periods between the exercises, and shorter than normal between the supersets.


Skull Crushers superset to Barbell Curls

3 x 9 reps superset to 9 reps



Tricep Rope Pull Downs superset to Rope Curls

4 x 12 reps superset to 12 reps



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