When you begin your transformation journey, you no-doubt have in the back of your mind an image of what you are striving to achieve, how you want to ultimately look.

Having a body image you aspire to is one thing, having an unrealistic ideal that you aspire to is another. Sadly, as we have said before, many so called ‘fitness models’ have created a physique using means other than just training and diet. The outcome being that their results/physiques (for us natural folk) are simply unattainable and wholly unrealistic. Entering your journey with your eyes wide open and knowing the facts isn’t such an issue, but finding yourself disheartened with your progress as a result is… This is precisely where our LDNM ethos stems from, and why we feel so strongly about it.

Selling a dream, miracle or hope to someone that is nothing more than a con and façade is precisely what we at Team LDNM are so adamantly against. The negative effect of dream selling, and damage to people’s morale, is huge and wide-ranging. If there was transparency so people KNEW which models were enhanced and which weren’t, then they could at least approach it with an objective mindset and not be mislead, and avoid them feeling like they are a ‘failure’ or not ‘dedicated’ enough.

Expectations and aspirations need to be kept realistic, to avoid the risk of losing motivation, remember, when done correctly, safely and sustainably, it is a long process and results don’t just materialise over night.

Self-criticism inevitably creeps in to all of our journeys, seeing yourself every single day in the mirror often masks us from seeing the gradual and continual progress that we are making. The true comparisons come from regular progress photos and documentation, (check out the Healthy Selfie App). However even here you yourself will often struggle to see the true progress you have made, yet when you show it to a friend, family member, or partner they instantly can see the difference.

Our Top Tips To Stay Motivated

  • Start with, and continue to have, realistic expectations.
  • Monitor progress and NOT solely by scale weight.
  • Share your progress photos with others, and tweet them at us too, or email them to [email protected]
  • Open your eyes to the 1000’s of dream sellers, and false claims. If you think a body is unbelievable, then the chances are something is being used outside of the usual training and diet elements…

A great article for the gents wanting to know how big they can be naturally can be found here.

We comprehensively cover the area of tracking your progress in all of our LDNM Guides and will always happily answer any progress related questions via twitter.

Remember the LDNMFamily are nothing but supportive, ANY progress whatsoever we want to see, let us and the family be the judge of your progression.