This is an example meal plan I have utilised during a bulking phase previously- macros will have to be tailored to your own specific needs but working off this plan may make it slightly easier!


  • Protein porridge; 200ml almond milk, 80g rolled oats, 25g LDNM Whey, 50g of blueberries, tsp cinnamon, 100ml water.
  • 2 slices of wholemeal brown bread, spinach and 2 poached eggs.
  • Effervescent vitamin C, vitamin D3 tablet


  • 80g red and white quinoa, can of tuna (130g), sliced green beans, diced beetroot, basil pesto,
  • 2 x Fish oil tablets.



  • 130g oats, 50g Muscle Mousse, 100g red apple, 100g banana, add ice and water as to your desired consistency,
  • (I like a smoothie pre-training as it is more applicable to me when at work, university, or just on the move!)

Training 5:30 – 6:45pm

  • Intra-workout Sustain 30-40g dextrose

7:00pm (post-workout)

  • 20g LDNM Whey and 5g LDNM Creapure,
  • 100g banana,
  • Chicken breast, 120g savoury rice and mixed veg,
  • Effervescent vitamin C.


  • 150g fried salmon fillet, 75g sticky rice, shredded beetroot, lettuce and carrots.


I try to avoid snacking but if I do it is usually

  • Celery with peanut butter,
  • Small sweet potato with tuna and cottage cheese,
  • Plain bagel with cottage cheese,
  • Biltong

This is a good diet template to modify, creating a diet that works for you- especially if you are part of the 5-7pm post-work gym rush!

For those of you serious about bulking up and gaining muscle mass check out our LDNM Bulking Bible, and the transformations gallery here.