Our #LDNMLadies never cease to amaze us with their incredible dedication and transformations. When we received this progress update from Ellen on our Bikini Guide we just had to share it with you…



How Has LDNM Positively Affected You Both Physically & Mentally?

“I have been feeling so much happier with myself and my body since doing the Bikini Guide, and that has had such a positive impact on everything else. Having such a clear guide that takes you through every step is something I was lacking and once I got used to it all it was easy to do, enjoyable, and crucially can work with a busy work, or social life, this then means you can stick to it, and I’ve seen such amazing results”.
“I haven’t been monitoring my actual weight for 2 reasons, muscle weighs more than fat and I drink a lot of water! As the guide encourages you to track by progress photos and not scale weight, I’ve  done just that and been going by visual and mental results, I didn’t want to be too focused on a number as they number is made up of so many different things and really its how you look that matters to me…”

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

LDNM takes the hard and difficult parts of fitness and makes it easy for you to use. For me working out what I needed to do and when always put me off fitness but they also go that extra step to explain it all in detail so you can better understand it. LDNM have such a wide range of products also which can help you with your fitness routines. It’s also so good that the team are there to answer any questions you have, with their unrivalled  support”. 

Ladies Begin Your Transformation Today!

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