Following on from two of our other related posts (Gym Etiquette and our Top 5 Pet Hates) I thought it time to address an area which all of us here at Team LDNM feel strongly about. You’ve guessed it, the topic for discussion is ego.

There is no issue with being confident, lets face it that is no doubt one of the major uplifts of training and transforming your physique – feeling better in yourself and more confident in your appearance and presence. However the trouble starts when this goes that step too far, and strays into an overly inflated ego or put more bluntly arrogance!

The problem stems from when you forget where you started. We all started at the beginning, with little (if any) knowledge and we have learned along the journey and still are learning. We at Team LDNM have experienced our fair share of egocentric characters in various gyms worldwide who seem hell bent on either staring you out or making you feel inferior.

Smashing weights about, excessively grunting/screaming or trying to make a spectacle about the weight on the bench press are all too familiar in gyms country wide. Let us assure you that exercising the correct form and tempo and training properly is never ever frowned upon or laughed at. Forget the weight, by all means push yourself but don’t ever let yourself enter that ego war about how much can you bench. Form and tempo and THEN weight. Lets face it having an accident or injury that can set you back months is never ever worth entertaining.

I guess what I am trying to say is, enter the gym and treat others how you wish to be treated yourself. Leave your ego at the door. Educate others, don’t laugh or humiliate. Remember where you begun and how much you would have appreciated helpful and constructive help and how you used to loathe being intimidated.

Finally a word of advice to the male fraternity – as far as we are girls/women aren’t interested in the number of the dumbbell or screaming your head off or swearing here there and everywhere. It really isn’t that attractive.