Everyone loves cookies, but they are either rubbish for you or taste like rubbish. But fear not – here’s a quick, tasty recipe for good quality protein cookies!



80g LDNM whey protein

40g ground almonds

2 tsp smooth peanut butter (3 tsp if you love peanut butter!)

60ml almond milk (full fat cow’s milk can be used, but gives a different texture/flavour)



Step 1. Mix all the ingredients until they form a consistent ‘dough’

Step 2. Separate the dough into as many pieces as you like (larger cookies will take longer to cook!)

Step 3. Press the pieces into similar thickness cookies by hand, or using a cookie press!

Step 4. Place the cookies on baking paper and cook at 170C for 5-10 minutes (if an average size cookie) or until done!


Approximate macros (for entire batch)

90g protein

40g fat

14g carbs


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