This is a variation of the traditional DB row that I love to build into my back workouts. Due to the range of motion this exercise, it limits the weight you can use – promoting better form and muscle contraction! Eliminating the twisting, bouncing and bod movement usually seen in regular DB rows, DB row to hip eliminates a lot of these problems and targets the lats.

How to:

  • Weight used should be around 1/3 of that you use for regular DB rows
  • Assume the same position you would for regular DB rows
  • With the DB in your hand, do not fully extend the arm – keep a bend at the elbow
  • Engage your lat, drawing the DB in an arc to your hip, pausing here for a second – you should maintain the bend in your elbow (which should be just above your torso at the peak of the movement)
  • Lower the DB in the same arc back to the base of the rep, keeping the tension in your lat
  • Do not twist the body but keep your back flat throughout the movement

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Dumbbell Row to Hip 1

Dumbbell Row to Hip 2