We are all chasing the perfect body– that which has been sculptured in stone, depicted in artwork and comic books, shown on television and in movies. We are never happy with normal; bigger, faster, stronger, more ripped and more beautiful is always the aim.

The problem is that reality always has been and always will be over-embellished, so we feel if we don’t compare to that statue or comic book character, we must be doing something wrong– but sometimes it just isn’t achievable naturally.

So how do so many guys and girls of the fitness industry look like that- is there some secret they aren’t sharing with us? For some of them, there definitely is– the use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

At LDNM we pride ourselves on being natural and are getting sick of seeing fake ‘natural’ fitness models. Despite what we hear, read and know– we are never going to point fingers at individuals or companies; but we will do our research and present you with the evidence we find. We will leave you to draw your own conclusions on whether certain individuals are lying to you.

We thought drugs testing in fitness and bodybuilding competitions were a good place to start. Most competitors tend to avoid the subject of drugs testing and ‘clean’ or non-tested competitions, so here is what we found…

Miami Pro:

Miami Pro

As it clearly states on their website, the Miami Pro events are not tested. However they claim to be a ‘natural federation’ and to utilise their judges’ keen skills to spot drugs cheats. Research suggests that no competitor has been disqualified from any of the shows within the last 5-10 years.

The website also states that, “there is no urine drug testing as athletes can always bypass and cheat on these drug tests.”



Information on drugs testing on the WBFF website was a lot harder to find– there is no official mention of testing protocols for competitors. Within the depths of the WBFF website, their interview with WBFF Pro Frank Fudelewski mentions that there is no drugs testing process. The WBFF make no claims to be a natural federation.




The UKBFF introduced drug testing to the new UK Nationals event in 2013. It falls under the jurisdiction of the IFBB, so follows the same rules, regulation and testing procedures.

IFBB Drug testing form: http://www.ifbb.com/

The IFBB, the federation that run the Olympia weekend/Mr. Olympia, claim to conduct very harsh testing procedures, following provisions of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) testing.

There have been reports that the IFBB introduced random drug testing to athletes competing at the Arnold Classic in 2008, however much of the information is clouded and hard to find a definitive answer.

In this out-take from the movie ‘Bigger, faster, stronger’ Jay Cutler, 4 times Mr. Olympia, talks briefly about steroid use in bodybuilding.

Some say that the IFBB introduced drug testing in 2003 in attempt for bodybuilding to become an Olympic sport after the IFBB became a ‘recognized federation’ by the International Olympic Committee in 1998.

Muscle Mania :


Muscle Mania has recently set itself out as a “natural bodybuilding” show. They test their top-placed athletes at regional championships and all competitors at larger shows– on the day of competition only. If competitors test positive or fail to provide a urine sample, it states they will be banned from competing within the Muscle Mania association for 2 years.



The National Physique Association pride themself on being a natural competition, subjecting competitors to WADA standard drugs testing. Besides this they have also introduced the use of polygraph testing (aka. lie detectors) for top placing athletes in an attempt to screen drug cheats. Any competitors who fail a drugs or polygraph test will have their membership from the NPA revoked and are issued with a lifetime ban.



British Natural Bodybuiding Federation also pride themself upon being a natural association. Random competitors and class winners will be subjected to WADA standard drugs test and polygraph testing. Competitors who fail a drugs or polygraph test will have their membership from the BNBF revoked and are issued with a 10 year ban.


To us, this begs the question to be asked; Why, if you’re a natural competitor, do you choose to compete in untested competitions over the NPA or BNBF? We cannot find any evidence to suggest that you cannot compete in natural AND untested competitions- NPA/BNBF AND WBFF, for example.

But we suppose we will never get a straight answer from those ‘natural’ fitness and muscle models rivaling (and even surpassing) Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (who admitted to using  steroids from a very young age)  weight, measurements and stage conditioning, year round.

We certainly found researching all of the above extremely interesting, and cleared up a few things up for us- but it’s up to you to make up your own mind!

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