Yet another inspirational transformation from the ever amazing LDNM Ladies. This time we are showcasing Dianne’s incredible journey with the Bikini Guide. 



Read Dianne’s Story:

In January this year, my second child was 4 months old and I was in the worst shape of my life. Honestly I couldn’t even blame baby weight anymore given that I had managed to put on 3kg over Christmas (a diet of quality street and red wine) and was now 13kg over my pre-pregnancy weight. ????

So I dug out my Bikini Guide (I had purchased it exactly a year previously 2 weeks before finding out I was pregnant) and it had been hiding out in my iPhone since. 
I’ll be honest, I’ve not been religious with it. The reality is as a stay at home mum to 2 kids, gym 4 times a week, every week was a big ask especially as there were other activities I wanted to fit in – getting back to playing touch rugby for example. The food I was better with, and very dedicated initially – I tracked 100+ straight days in MyFitnessPal (including the cheat days and sometimes cheat weeks) before gradually slowing on that too. 
And then there are the holidays and visitors and illnesses (mine and the kids) and other life things that would put me off track for a week or two here and there. 
But ultimately none of that mattered because what I had learnt and gained by using the Bikini Guide in the meantime made all the difference – I had a varied and challenging work out plan that I could follow when I was in the gym, and I had changed my diet dramatically.  If I feel myself falling off the meal wagon or my progress slowing, I just pop back in to MFP and track for a few days to refresh my mind on what I should be eating and when.
“So here I am 5 months on from the worst shape of my life to not quite the best but a full 11kg down
I still have a couple kilos to go and I’d like to add some more definition and lose the last of the baby belly pouch that’s hiding under my trousers, but I also feel stronger than I have in years. I can do full body push ups for the first time in my adult life, I’m fit enough to play touch rugby again and I’ve discovered that I actually really enjoy lifting, pushing and pulling heavy weights! 
And I’ve learnt that I don’t have to be “on it” 100% of the time – I’ve found a routine that’s probably not intense or fast enough for some, but one that keeps the balance in my life and has provided gradual but consistent progress. I’ve changed my lifestyle sufficiently that I can have off days and even off weeks and know that I can still keep moving forward. 
Most importantly, I’m enjoying myself – instead of making excuses not to go to the gym, I’m trying to find ways to fit it in. 
I have about 6 weeks of visitors and holidays and general down time ahead of me now, but while I won’t be perfect I know I can get through it without totally overindulging. And I’m already looking forward to August when I’ll get the latest Bikini Guide, open up MyFitnessPal and crack on with those last few kilos! 


Ladies! You Can Do It Too… Start TODAY!

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