An exercise that we love to throw in, but sadly see underperformed, is the Diamond Press-up. Ideal for using as a superset or finisher in any tricep workout, and with the added bonus of targeting and engaging the chest and front deltoid.

Dependant on your ability- these press-ups are unlikely to be used as a standalone exercise or form a set in themselves. We find their use comes in when implementing them into higher rep protocols, such as GVT or 6-12-25. How, and when, you chose to integrate them is dependant on your capabilities.

How to perform?

Nice and simple.

  • With your knees on the floor, place your hands together so they form a diamond shape, thumbs and index fingers touching (as per photo).
  • Ensure that your hands are at an angle such that your elbows have the ability to move past your body when you perform your repetitions.
  • Raise your knee’s up off the floor, and assume a press-up position.
  • Ensure your back is flat and head is facing forwards. Don’t allow your pelvis to drop at any point.
  • If you wish to place greater emphasis on your front deltoid and chest (in addition to your tricep), raise your bum slightly higher, so you are leaning over the front more.
  • Slowly perform the press-up. Aiming for a 3-4 second eccentric phase, and an explosive concentric phase. Allow no rest at the top of the repetiton, and resist the temptation to lock your elbows out. This ensures the tension is kept throughout the set.

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Enjoy the DOMS!