Many of us simply don’t have time for breakfast in the mornings, or prefer to have it after the commute at our desks or place of work. This article sets out to detail some handy and super easy breakfast ideas that can aid you in hitting your calories/macros without stress or hardship.


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10 Easy Breakfast Ideas:

Whey protein and instant oats shake. With an apple and peanut butter:

You can add cinnamon powder and ground nutmeg to this shake, and even a super greens powder if having it regularly for added micronutrients.

You can leave all the ingredients for this at work quite happily, but perhaps leave the apples (fruit) in the fridge so they stay fresh Monday to Friday.

Overnight oats:

overnight oats

Overnight oats and green tea

You can use whatever milk best fits your macros, and can replace some with water if needs be to reduce the sweetness.

Again cinnamon and nutmeg are great additions. Cacao and cocoa powder, fruits, nut butter and low calorie/fat chocolate sauces can all be added too.

You will have to make this before leaving work (i.e. around 6pm), but it takes 5 minutes and then you simply place it in the fridge until you come to eat it around 9am the next morning. You can even buy additions separate to the whey, almond milk and oats on route to work.

‘Protein pot(s)’ from the PRET ‘Salads and Sushi’ range:

These can be bought from the shop on route to work (with a green tea) for a fairly amicable price.

Given most men would probably require more than one pot to reach their target macros/calories for said meal, and even then may need to buy additions, so we would advise limiting this breakfast for its higher cost.

If you have some whey and instant oats in your desk at work you can make up your missing calories without buying a second or even a third pot!

Bagel, with cream cheese and smoked salmon:

These products can be bought from most of the express style supermarkets you will most probably pass at some point on your way to work, and although some of the ingredients may not stay fresh for the whole week they can get you through Monday to Wednesday if stored correctly (in a cold fridge or freezer).

You can even sauté leafy green veg and peppers at home and bring them in in a tupperware box to add to the bagel each morning.

0% Greek yoghurt, whey protein powder, rolled oats, banana, honey, diced nuts, cacao nibs:

You can add some lower calorie milk here to increase the fluidity of this meal.

Ensure you drink a big glass of water with this breakfast.

Wholemeal wrap with barbecue chicken breast pieces and mixed vegetables:

You can get cooked seasoned or non-seasoned chicken breast pieces from all express supermarkets, as well as (microwavable) mixed vegetables or small pre-washed leafy salad bags.

You can add fats to this meal through sauces such as mayo and pesto, or by adding cheese of some description.

Oats so Simple sachet with semi skimmed milk, crushed berries and honey. Whey protein shake:

Here you can have a simple breakfast you like that’s hassle free to make and leave at work, and also pick items up for on the way to work to vary the end product.

The whey shake simply provides a low fat, carb and calorie source of protein for the meal, without having to add it to the delicious oats so simple sachet porride!

Spread on wholemeal toast. Whey protein and super greens shake:

Again this presents a fairly normal breakfast for most people, which you can even share (the cost of) with a co-worker. Marmite, lower fat butter, fruit spreads, higher protein spreads, nutella, honey, etc.

The whey shake simply provides a low fat, carb and calorie source of protein for the meal, whilst the super greens bolsters the micronutrient content lacking in some bread and topping combinations.

Simple smoothie recipe:

You can prepare several smoothies on Sunday night, and transport them to work in either a folding coolbag (so it can be easily taken home) or by adding several ice cubes to keep them chilled on your journey.

Making your own smoothie will save money and allow the use of protein powder. This is compared to sugar-laden, low protein, expensive shop-bought options.

LDNM Whey Protein baked options:

LDNM protein flapjacks, protein cookies, peanut butter protein flapjacks, nut free protein flapjacks, protein bars.

These can all be batch prepared and grabbed from your kitchen whilst getting ready for work. Just be sure you don’t leave them at work as your colleagues will likely steal them!



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