We know what it is like, always on the hunt for a different exercise to give you those DOMs you had after your first ever gym session.

Here is a nifty Decline Barbell Pullover, a nice variation worth throwing into your next Chest Workout. Just an illustration of the variety we use when putting our infamous #ChestSunday plans together.

How To

  • Take a free bench and place on a decline. If at all possible connect the foot supports, this will ensure you don’t slide down the bench during your set.
  • Take the barbell (we have used an Olympic bar here) and raise directly above you.
  • Slowly lower the bar behind you to the furthest position that is comfortable.
  • Slowly return the bar to the starting position- directly above you.
  • Ensure your arms remain straight throughout the range of movement. Tense your chest and shoulders throughout the exercise for maximum effect.
  • *MAKE SURE YOU GO LIGHT ON THE FIRST SET, get use to the movement, DO NOT risk a heavy weight, as this range of motion places can place a high level of vulnerability on your shoulder.
  • As a suggestion use as a superset for example straight after a convention dumbbell pullover or decline bench press. Alternatively use as a standalone exercise 6-8 reps and 4 sets.

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