Wow! Another mind-blowing transformation, this time its Declan’s incredible fat loss journey that deserves a special feature. This is what we call a Cutting Guide winner. 

How Has LDNM Affected You Both Physically and Mentally?

“For about a year I struggled with a pretty persistent knee injury that prevented me from any running or load-bearing exercises. This coupled with drinking too much left me pretty depressed and out-of-shape by January of this year. It was then that I invested in the latest Cutting Guide, having used the original one you guys put out about 5 years ago when I was at uni. The key thing for me was figuring out what macros to use for my body type, and trying to reign in my drinking a little bit. The great thing about the guide is that it showed me exactly how to enjoy a drink and food whilst still reaching my goals, this makes it enjoyable and a plan you can actually stick too..”

“From sticking to the macros and following the training, substituting exercises for my lower body and having to use a cross trainer until my knee started to heal around May, the fat started to  drop off. I think I’m down around 6-8kg since January, and it’s obviously done wonders for my confidence. Progress has probably been a lot slower than it could have been, I’ve definitely not stayed true to my macros every day, but thats normal life, and the guide makes it clear thats the case. I’ve missed a lot of sessions through injury, but still managed to make progress that I am  happy with”!

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

I definitely would 100% recommend the guide to anyone wanting to shred fat. Even my girlfriend is currently smashing through the bikini guide and making great progress too!