So many of our incredible transformations show impressive weight loss. However many people’s goals differ. This is David Obee, who wanted to transform from what he described as a ‘skinny’ frame and add quality lean muscle. For ‘hard gainers’ like David, packing on muscle can be extremely challenging, and thats where the Muscle Building Bible comes to the rescue.
His results are simply incredible – and we caught up with David below to get an insight into this remarkable journey…

How has LDNM positively affected you both physically and mentally?

“For me, LDMN has been a fantastic success. Previously, I competed in athletics as a distance runner and at one point, was ranked the 6th best U20 in the UK for my half marathon time. 
However, being so light on my feet, (49KG) I was very underweight for my height and extremely prone to injury and lacked the body confidence I desired… Due to the repetitive nature of running and the injuries, I decided I wanted to try something different instead of ‘grinding’ 60-70miles of running per week!
Aside to my athletics, I have worked in fitness for 5 years, held my PT qualification for 3 years and currently at University studying for a degree in Sport and Exercise Science (aspiring to become a teacher). 
In contrast,I had always refrained from any lifting due to ‘DOMS’ influencing my workouts. Anyway, I decided enough was enough and it was time for a change, time to build some muscle…
October 3rd 2016 was the beginning of the ‘bulk’  with the Muscle Building Bible, and I weighed myself once per week to ensure I was consuming adequate calories and increased the calories by the guidelines in The Bible. I must add, to ensure I consumed enough calories, my fitness pal was a huge help.
I had my measurements taken once a month and also took photographs once a month on an empty stomach in the same setting.
When the new year turned I was 51kg and it was time to ramp the calories up once more. I continued to religiously read the Building Bible and follow the workouts and increase my calories accordingly.
8 months down the line, I was 58Kg (9kg heavier than 10 months ago) and it was time for the family holiday. More importantly the beach shot transformation I had been waiting for. 
Now I’m back, I am continuing my bulk (currently 62kg) and aiming to hit 65kg by new year. 
I include new exercises from time to time but follow the structure very closely as it is so easy to follow!
Through the training, eating the calories was never the tough part, it was more decreasing the amount of running as it was a great part of my life, however the guide doesn’t stop you from pursuing your hobbies and with the variety of workouts and flexibility of the training programme this is not a problem!
To note since i have been back I have gained 4lbs in 4weeks with my current calories averaging at 3600 per day #BringOnTheGains
I have a new wardrobe full of clothes as I no longer fit into a small but ultimately, I now walk around the gym with great confidence as I am no longer that skinny guy, and I’ve got the guys at LDNM to thank for that.” 

Why would I recommend LDNM to others?

“Since following LDNM, life became simple. 
I can work. Study (8000 word dissertation coming my way) and forget about my own training albeit click on my books (iPhone) load up the week and session I was on and BOOM. 
The best part of LDNM everything is that it is for everybody, everything is explained in detail from nutrition, living a flexible lifestyle and in-depth explanations of the terminology used. Its genius and really is a complete bible. 
Not forgetting the guys themselves. Regular workouts and live feeds on their social media platforms with HIGH and unrivalled response and support.
LDMN is not just a training programme it is a community and you should be apart of it too!”

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