The results never ever stop here at LDNM. Darren Kenneford is the latest inspirational member of the LDNM Family to completely transform both the way he looks, but also the way he feels about his appearance and his confidence.


How Have The LDNM Guides Benefited You?

“Both the LDNM Guides I have used have proved massively beneficial. When I first started I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing especially diet wise, it was complete guess work, which really didn’t work for me at all!  I’ve been able to use the flexible training and diet within the guide and easily  adapt it to suit me personally and the beauty is that it works with any work or social commitments and covers for all eventualities.  Without the Cutting Guide i’d  still be guessing, getting it wrong and looking like the photo on the left with low confidence”!

Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“Yeah 100% – like I said it gives you everything you need to get started, and makes it nice and easy to follow. I’ve also got the Bulking Guide too which should see me through the winter to pack on muscle now that I am lean. It’s so much easier to work to a programme than it is to just turn up at the gym and pick up some weights with no real routine. I really couldn’t recommend it more, I couldn’t be happier”!


Gents Get Lean Today With The Cutting Guide!


Ladies Get Toned & Defined Today With The Bikini Guide!

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