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MB’s take on this delicious recipe.

The Dark Chocolate Greek Yoghurt Post-Workout Protein Heaven recipe; another easy recipe for you to try from Aaron Peters (Twitter: @P44RNP).



• 250g Total 0% Greek Yoghurt
• 30g whey protein of your choice
• 100g fresh blueberries
• 2 pineapple rings
• 90% Lindt chocolate square



• Step 1 – Add whey protein to Greek yoghurt and simply mix until smooth.
• Step 2 – Cut up pineapple rings and add to yoghurt along with blueberries.
• Step 3 – Add 1 square of 90% dark chocolate (grated is my preference here).
• Step 4 – Mix and refrigerate.

• This can also be placed in the freezer 30-45 minutes prior to consumption for an ice cream like consistency.

• Tip – As this is a PWO treat you can add creatine and L-glutamine to this with no worries at all. It will mix in just like a normal shake. Just ensure you have a large glass of water alongside the meal.


Macros Per Serving – (serves 1):

• 440 Calories
• 52g Protein
• 7g Fat
• 44g Carbohydrates (of which 35g sugars)


This is low fat, (making it quickly absorbed) high in natural sugar post workout treat, not forgetting the high content of good quality protein too.

It can be easily incorporated into your macros; with massive potential to create your own versions of this simple meal!

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