On average I cycle 75-100 miles a week – mostly commuting. Sadly in recent times I have seen a frightening and alarming increase in the amount of cyclists being knocked off – some of the crashes being fatal.

I, for years used to ride without a helmet always of the opinion that I would be fine and a helmet would be restrictive and uncomfortable. However having seen one crash in particular and a graphic head injury my mind was made up for me. After some research and looking around I settled for a middle of the range model.

I genuinely couldn’t believe how light weight and non restrictive they are, I barely know its on my head. There genuinely is no excuse for not wearing one. Such a simple piece of kit, yet can make the difference between life and death.


image-16This may all seem like we are nagging and boring, but for any of you ladies and gents that cycle please head our advice – be safe not sorry! So many people (like myself) talk of getting a helmet and delay it. All I can say is don’t wait any longer…

There is no need to spend an absolute fortune at all. I found this Giro Savant to be a well priced, well-vented, light weight and easily adjustable option with the added bonus of being in the Team LDNM Colours!

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My usual port of call is Hargroves cycles which has a huge range to pick from and often good deals, click here.