Here we have a transformation that shows off the power of the 2019 Cutting Guide which allows you to do great things whilst having a fun lifestyle.

LDNM is more than just a training program.

It educated me on the importance of diet and calorie deficits without forcing any sort of fad diet on me. Physically I got stronger, whilst losing body fat, and got some crazy results with a start weight of 129kg and an end weight of 85kg.

I used to wear oversized clothes to hide my body, now I’m proud of everything I have. I recommend giving LDNM a shot at whatever level you enter, as the programs have beginner intermediate and advanced schedules and every exercise has a video!

45kg down over 10 months your plans are something else thanks guys absolutely changed my life.

Also having the boys there to contact whenever you need them is an added bonus as they are always helpful and very knowledgeable.

The 2019 Cutting Guide covers everything you need to get lean and defined, regardless of your starting point – namely:
✔ Fully comprehensive 15-week diet & training plan, to shred fat and build lean muscle.
✔ All new interactive online platform; exercise video demos, live and saveable workout tracker, built in Spotify playlist and more.
✔ Beginner, intermediate and advanced diet and training options, and suitable for shift workers too.
✔ Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
✔ Designed specifically to work around busy work, family and social lives.
✔ Separate training plan for home workout users.
✔ Unrivalled personal support & motivation comes as standard.

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