The back squat.. perhaps one of the most commonly referred to exercises in the gym, alongside the bench press.

However, sadly seeing someone performing a squat with good technique is often a rarity. Not only does this limit the effectiveness of the exercise, more importantly it leaves you widely exposed to serious injury.

We have found the goblet squat to be one of the safest ways to reinforce and perfect the basic squatting technique, giving you the confidence and skills-which are then transferrable onto the squat rack.  The very fact that you have a weight cradled against your chest from the start gives you a sturdy and preferable posture.





  • Hold a weight against your chest. Our preference is to use a dummbell (as pictured). Hold one of the heads up vertically between your palms.
  • Your feet should be positioned in a way which allows your your stance to be just outside your shoulder-width, keep your toes pointing slightly out.
  • On the eccentric phase (lowering)sit back and down between the knees, keeping your chest up the whole time. Make sure you don’t in anyway hunch your back. Keep that solid flat back throughout.
  • Keep your heels on the floor throughout
  • Go down to just past parallel (90 degrees) you can go lower but we don’t favour it for risk of injury.
  • At the bottom, brush your elbows down the inside of your legs and push your knees out.
  • Explosive concentric movement back up and stand tall at the top.
  • Remember to keep your breathing pattern correct- inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up.

Once you have perfected your form.. then it’s time to move onto squats! Take a look at LDNMTV for a full guidance on how to squat;

Enjoy this exercise guys and girls.

Remember form and tempo before weight- each and EVERY time.

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