Everyone has their own motivating factor to start their fitness journey. For Craig Carr, it was his daughters comments which encouraged him into taking action. Craig’s daughter said “you don’t look like daddy anymore” and it was at this point that Craig realised he had to do something about his weight, and now.

Craig downloaded the Cutting Guide and made this incredible transformation in only 4 months, a testimony to his hard work and the efficiency of the guide.




Craig remarked “‘I used to eat anything I could lay my hands on basically, I would often skip breakfast and then at lunch go and buy crisps, sandwiches and chocolate bars. In the evenings I was eating a lot of carbs and snacking on cheese and biscuits and drinking fizzy drinks”.

“My brother Sam had previously used LDNM’s Cutting Guide, so I took a look and liked the fact that I could be flexible and could train to fit in with my work schedule. I joined a gym and started following the guide and the weight started coming off.”

“The Cutting Guide has completely and utterly changed my life, I can’t thank the guys enough, I am now fitter, healthier and happier than ever before… For anyone hesitating to start one of their guides, don’t! Get started today”!


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