If you are serious about getting in good shape you will be spending a lot of time in a gym, so here’s our guide to making it a safe and efficient experience!

1.)    Try to avoid staring at people..

This is rude in any public scenario, especially if you don’t know the person. It can be intimidating, off-putting and disconcerting for the guy or girl- and may take away from their set or workout ultimately. Not to mention if they’re bigger and angrier than you it could end in tears!

2.)    Wait till the person has finished their set to ask them a question..

My ultimate pet hate is when somebody stands and watches you midway through a set from bordering on being within your personal space, and even more so when they ask you a question like: ‘How many sets you got left?’ In a rude manner, expecting you to answer the question immediately, whilst continuing your set.

3.)    Respect other people’s training regimes

You may not agree with some peoples’ styles of training and or volume of sets they do, but when they say that they have, for example, ‘5 sets left’, don’t insult their style of training or try to hurry them up. Also if you don’t want to improvise, and proceed to wait till they’ve finished on the machine, bench, etc, don’t stand next to them watching them intently- this will not somehow hurry them up!

4.)    Leave your ego at home

The gym is a place to train, let out frustration and make muscular/health and fitness gains. Respect people around you; older or younger, training for power or hypertrophy, boy or girl. Making enemies will only potentially hamper the journey to your target, ruining your focus!

5.)    Clean up after yourself

Whether it be sweat, spit, blood, your weights or chalk- clean it up. It will annoy the gym staff, other gym users and act as a hazard to yourself and others in the room ultimately.


  • Be polite,
  • Be helpful,
  • Hold your tongue,
  • Respect others,
  • Clean the your crap up.

Remember ladies and gents, leave your ego at the gym door… Go in, smash your workout and leave without any bad feeling. For those of you repping Team LDNM in your LDNM Apparel, or with your LDNM Guide, you will be even easier to spot… and we don’t want to receive any tweets regarding discourteous behaviour.