Everyone is capable of transforming, and everyone’s transformation tells its own incredible story. When Connor shared his with us we were blown away and just had to share it with you. 

How Has LDNM Affected You Both Physically and Mentally? 

” LDNM has supplemented my weight loss transformation with its incredible training programmes. I have been using the Cutting Guide, which has allowed me to build strength, power and my overall physique. My weight loss astronomically improved from LDNM’s guide and provided a huge boost to my self-confidence both in and outside of the gym”

“I’ve never normally liked posting photos like my transformation shot, but I’m now so proud of what I have achieved. I have finally hit the goal I set out to achieve and that was feeling confident in everyday life. I weighed around 122kg in the left hand picture and lead an entirely sedentary lifestyle with an excessively unhealthy diet that consisted mainly of sugary drinks and very fast foods. Now, in the right hand photo I now weigh 76kg (having lost over 45kg) and now have a healthier relationship with both my nutrition and training thanks to the LDNM Cutting Guide“. 

“Although I have lost a large amount of weight on the scale, the real difference isn’t the scale weight, but rather the surge in confidence I feel from changing my appearance an making better lifestyle choices and seeing all the hard work pay off”. 


Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

I would recommend LDNM to anyone, no matter what their starting point is. I was a complete beginner, and the guide has specific guidance, for beginner, intermediate and advanced abilities. The guides provide professional structured workout routines and nutritional advice, specific to your body type and body weight. Their guides will ultimately improve anyones physique, confidence levels and above all, health”.