As ever we love to share the successes of our #LDNMFamily with you, we never cease to be amazed by your amazing and inspiring transformations. Remember there’s no minimum starting point with our guides, everyone is capable of transforming! 

When Connor sent us his Muscle Building Bible transformation, we just had to feature it, this is simply incredible!

Find Out What Connor Had To Say About His Journey:

Before I started training with LDNM’s Guides I was extremely skinny, it didn’t help that I was also 6ft 3 by the age of 14. I was the kid at school with clothes literally draping off him, the one that would snap in a strong gale. Although I always put forward a positive presence and personality, I was never confident physically”. 

“I started casually training at the age of 20, around 5 years go. However, it wasn’t until I came across the LDNM movement that I started to fell a next level of motivation and focus, not just in the gym but also within my career and general outlook on life. Seeing what the LDNM boys had achieved made it seem so clear; if you work hard, you get results, end of”.

Of course everyone has their own circumstances to deal with *(myself included) and it may not be an easy road, but from seeing what the LDNM boys were building made me realise everything you want in life is attainable, it just depends how much work you want to put in”. 

“I went from 60kg at 6ft3 to 86kg thanks to the LDNM Muscle Building Bible, and it’s the best shape I have ever been in and I owe it all LDNM. Their guides have kept me on track over the year, especially in the early days when I wasn’t even sure where to begin, what to lift or what to eat. After meeting James, Tom, Max and Lloyd a few times it’s even more inspiring to see how humble and genuine they all are, unlike many other fitness influencers I’ve met, it’s refreshing to see a team that actually care about the people that follow them and their brand”. 

” The LDNM Movement isn’t about ‘who can lift the most’ or ‘who has bigger arms,’ it’s about becoming the best version of yourself through positivity and hardworking. With so much negativity in the world, we all know how short life can be – LDNM definitely preach this through their constant hard work and motivation, and there zero tolerance to BS within the industry”. 

 Following the boys and their guides has led me on my own route to becoming a better and stronger person, and I now have so much more confidence. I know the boys will be there again and again to help me grow even further too”. 

” I couldn’t recommend LDNM more, drop the excuses and don’t look back”!




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