As ever, we love to showcase the progress, determination and transformation of the ladies and gents who use our guides.
Meet Connor Donnelly, who has undergone and incredible transformation thanks to the Cutting Guide, losing a staggering 50kg using the Cutting Guide! This is seriously impressive!
The first picture (on the left) was taken on the 22nd June, when Connor weighed 136kg, the second photo (on the right) was taken on the 25th December 2016, where Connor now ways an incredible 86kg, thanks to the Cutting Guide

How Did LDNM Change Your Life?

“LDNM has changed my life, giving me the confidence to do the exercises and nutrition on my own in the form of the Cutting Guide is unreal. Knowledge is key and there is everything you need in the guide and more! Not only that, the guys literally answer any question within minutes on all social media. The service is unrivalled!”

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“I’d recommend LDNM to anyone who wants to change their lives, real guides from real men. I was down and out but with their support and motivation I’ve changed my life around and now work for fitness first myself and am working towards new goals. I wouldn’t be near my dream if it wasn’t for them!”
So there you have it, another incredible fat loss journey from one of tens of thousands of LDNM Transformations using our male fat loss plan, the Cutting Guide, or the female fat loss plan, the Bikini Guide.
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