Lets face it, pre-workouts are one of the most aggressively marketed supplements, many of which boast of giving you frightening ‘skin tearing’ pumps, and other worrying effects… Let us tell you now, our LDNM Pre-Workout works, but won’t tear your skin (thankfully).

Where do we stand on pre-workouts?

As a starting point we try to avoid being dependant pre-workouts, and don’t actively encourage people to use them if they need not.

What does this mean then? In times of need, when you truly are feeling exhausted, these drinks have a place and do undoubtedly get you through a workout which would have otherwise been dire.

We have specifically designed our pre-workout to be easily modulated, a small scoop with a serving size of between 3-8 scoops allows you to slowly increase your tolerance.

Is There A Less Extreme Alternative?

For those who aren’t tolerant of caffeine or have yet to dabble into the world of a pre-workout drink, starting with a strong coffee is a good compromise. Once the effects of this begins to diminish, then a pre-workout is a suitable solution.

So the choice is yours… Our preference is to have a pre-workout of choice as a rescue remedy and for times of need.