Chest and bench press seem synonymous with one another.  It seems everyone is besotted with the bench press. Workout after workout you see people doing their whole Chest session within the constraints of the bench.

Why not broaden the horizons slightly and chuck in some weighted dips next session? Done correctly, this is going to give your chest, and indeed shoulders, a painful wake up call.

Fancy going for a more advanced option? Simply chuck a set of pressups in as a superset straight after each set of dips.

Chest dip 1


Chest dip 2





  • As always, warm up- failure to do so is sheer madness and recklessness!
  • Find a dip station and perform your first warmup set WITHOUT weight.
  • Ensure your technique is correct. Legs crossed, lean your body forwards to place greater emphasis on your chest- as per photo.
  • Once you have got your technique correct add a weight that enables you to perform 6-8 reps. Aiming for a 3 second eccenctric movement and a 1second concentric movement.
  • Superset with pressups straight after (optional).

Repeat 4 sets (not including your first set without weight). Rest period 60 seconds.


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