If you are tracking your macros, then you are probably familiar with My Fitness Pal! While MFP is a great for keeping note of what you’ve eaten, it only allows you to set your macros by 5% increments of your total calorific value and this can throw them way off – not cool.

Within the app; select ‘more’ in the bottom right, then ‘goals’ and edit your nutrition goals.

On the My Fitness Pal website; log in, click ‘home’ on the blue tab, select ‘goals’ from the drop down, then click the ‘change goals’ button.

So you currently have 2 tracking methods, either;

  • Set you calories to 0 (this will also set your macros to zero) and keep note of your target macros somewhere else in your phone.
  • Fiddle with the roll-wheels until the percentages equate to values somewhere near your macros.

BUT there is Another Way!

The video below by The Strength Summit explains how you can set your macros by grams from the My Fitness Pal website – be sure you also change your total calories.

The plug-in can be found here.

Thank us later.


Changing Meal Frequency and Names:

Sign in to MyFitnessPal on a laptop or PC,


Diary Settings.

From here you can adjust meal frequency and names simply and easily to your preference.


#LDNMTip if you commonly train at one time of day, and thus the macros you need at said meal rarely changes, name your meals as per your specific macros needed at that time as seen below (for the ‘Training after Breakfast’ timetable in the CGV3 for MB).

image1 (1)


Here P stands for Protein, F for Fats and C for Carbohydrates. You may also be able to fit in your calorie targets for said meal too.


Viewing Consumed Meal Macros:

To see what macros you have actually hit at said meal without lots of arduous maths simply turn your phone sideways and it should appear as shown below:

image1 (2)


Viewing Total Macros Consumed Today:

To see what you have eaten so far simply:

Open your ‘Diary’

Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Nutrition’

Then select the ‘Nutrients’ option where it will show how much of each target macronutrient (and/or micronutrient) you have consumed thus far!

image1 (3)


Myfitnesspal works perfectly with our LDNM Guides, which utilise macros and the optimal structure to help you progress towards your goals efficiently and safely.


LDNM takes no responsibility for malicious software downloaded from other sites.